Welcome To Guernsey Phones

Have you ever been refused a phone contract because of bad credit? If your poor credit history has been getting in the way of your phone contract application, you can count on Guernsey Phones to help you find a deal perfect for your financial circumstance. No matter your credit score, you can get approved for a phone deal in as fast as 24 hours or less when you partner with Guernsey Phones.

Who is Guernsey Phones

Guernsey Phones is a leading and established name specializing in contract phones no credit check. Knowing how difficult it is to find a satisfying and affordable deal for customers with bad credit problems, we’ve established the website to cater to this specific market. Our mission is simple. If you’ve ever struggled or if you were ever rejected for a contract phone elsewhere, Guernsey Phones is your best partner. We will help you assess your situation then find you a suitable deal where approval is more or less guaranteed.

Our Offer

At Guernsey Phones, our contract phone offers include a wide selection of affordable handsets from popular brands including Samsung, Apple, LG, HTC, Nokia and more. In addition to your handset choice, you can pick a bundle plan, which you think will satisfy your monthly phone service usage. Each phone bundle plan is inclusive of your call, text and data allowance. These bundles generally suit light, average and heavy mobile phone users. As for the term, our contract phones comes with a 24-month term where you pay a fixed monthly fee covering both your phone and bundle plan’s cost.

Our Customers

Guernsey Phones caters to customers with bad credit problems that cannot otherwise get a contract phone from major UK carriers. We do not run credit checks on customers hence the quick and easy approval. To be eligible for a contract phone, the requirements you need to meet are pretty basic. First, you need to be at least 18 years old. Second, you need to be a UK resident. And finally, you need to be able to provide proof of income. If you can prove that you are financially capable to handle the monthly repayments, consider your contract phone application good as approved.

Our Promise

At Guernsey Phones, our promise is three-fold. To ensure that you’ll always get the best end of the deal with us, we promise fast processing, affordable monthly fees and customer service you can always count on. Granted that you meet the eligibility criteria, you can expect to get approved in 24 hours or less.

With Guernsey Phones, you can also rest assured that we will always give you quick access to affordable deals. To ensure guaranteed approval, we have a team of specialists who’ll help you assess your situation and offer recommendations to suit your needs. We also partner with key players in the market including USwitch.com to further help you make a sound decision. You can also expect excellent customer support with Guernsey Phones. We have a team of representatives who are always ready to assist you any way they can.

Get Approved Today

If you’re ready to get approved for a contract phone today, you can partner with Guernsey Phones by completing our online application form. Make sure to provide all the information requested so we can assess your situation accordingly. Choose your handset and bundle plan. Provided that you are eligible for a contract phone and you picked a deal from our recommended list, you can expect quick approval in as fast as a few hours to 1 day. Once approved, handset will be delivered within 24 to 48 hours to your billing address.