Guide to No Credit Mobile Phones

If you can’t find a contract phone because of bad credit, there’s a handy alternative you can check out. Offered specifically for people with bad credit are no credit check mobile phones. These deals do not require any credit check. No matter your credit score, you are welcome to apply for a contract phone and get approved as fast as within a day or less. But first, here’s a quick guide to no credit check mobile phones.

What are no credit check mobile phones?

No credit check mobile phones, as the name suggests, are phone deals that do not require any credit check. This means that approval is often always guaranteed even when you have a poor credit score under your belt. Like traditional phone contracts, these deals include a handset choice and a bundle plan inclusive of your call, text and data allowance.

Who are no credit check phones for?

No credit check mobile phones are for people with bad credit problems. If you’ve ever been rejected for a phone contract because of your history of default, nonpayment, delayed payments or CCJs, no credit check phones make excellent alternatives to traditional phone deal options. So long as you meet the eligibility criteria, you can apply for the deal and get approved in 24 hours or even less.

How much do no credit check phones cost?

Considering that no credit check phones are for people with bad credit, the monthly fee for the contract phone may be more expensive than what a traditional phone deal may cost. The added cost may be due to extra charges and associated fees added to your monthly bill to offset the high risks providers are taking by giving approval to your contract phone application.

Should you apply for a no credit check phone?

If you believe that getting a no credit check phone contract puts you at an advantage in the long run then applying for one makes perfect sense. Just remember that like with traditional contracts, you’re going to be hooked to a lengthy term. Make sure you can afford the monthly fee to avoid any form of financial consequences.